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Mountain Training Association

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What is the Mountain Training Association?

The Mountain Training Association (MTA) is the biggest community of trainee and qualified leaders, coaches, and instructors when it comes to walking, climbing, and mountaineering in the UK and Ireland. They provide members with support and development opportunities, workshops, and events to help people work towards or keep current in their qualifications, skills, and knowledge.

The association was created in 2005 to build a network of candidates for mentorship and peer support between climbing, walking, and mountaineering professionals and volunteers.

Their Mission:

To build a community of confident and expert coaches, instructors, and leaders.

Their Vision:

For ALL Mountain Training candidates to join the association because it stands for excellence, community, currency, and professionalism and is recognised as such by the wider public.

What are the benefits for you?

When you join the association, you can access member-only workshops, events, and activities with accredited CPD nationally and in your local region. This will help you brush up and widen your skills and knowledge for coaching, instructing, and leading. There is also an insurance offer and the use of the MTA Logo for qualified members.


Of course! Members of the MTA are lucky enough to have access to a wide selection of discounts from outdoor brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and course providers. Big names such as Cotswold Outdoor (20% off), Nevisport, Sherpa Adventure Gear (50% off), Berghaus (15% off), Trekmates, and Terra Nova (30% off) all support the association by offering huge discounts for members.

Popular discounts also include Montane (40% off), Osprey (40% off), and Garmin (25% off)!

For more information regarding gear deals and discounts, click here.

What is the difference between Mountain Training and the Mountain Training Association?

The Mountain Training Association is a members’ organisation for people who hold or are working towards a Mountain Training Qualification.

Mountain Training is a collection of national awarding organisations that administer qualifications and schemes; it is essentially the awarding body.


If you are interested in joining the Mountain Training Association or want to know more, you can do so by clicking here.

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