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I am a Guide and I have an issue with my subscription.

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In some instances, it can take a couple of hours for the account to be activated. Please submit the form again after waiting for a couple of hours. 

Please don't worry; if there's any excess payment, we will promptly issue a refund. In the meantime, it's advisable to review your bank statements to ensure that any failed payments have been reversed.

You can change or manage the Membership from here after login to your guide account.

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I have an issue with my account

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Most login issues are solved by clearing your cookies for (click here for a guide to clearing cookies). If you don't see the reset link in your inbox, please check your junk folder just in case. if that doesn't work, open in a new Private Window (Chrome calls them 'Incognito') and try resetting from there.

The system can block IP addresses temporarily with too many failed login attempts or if it suspects the IP address range to be a threat. It is only a 10 minute temporary lockout, but if you are unable to access the site still, please contact us.
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I have forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset the password from here

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I have an issue during checkout

Have you completed all required fields? If not, please complete all the fields in the checkout field. 

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